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My team name is Stamping Friends Forever because I feel like we will always be friends!  You will find new friends on our team who support you and encourage you!
The #1 reason to join Stampin’ Up! is for the GREAT DEAL on the starter kit!  Only makes sense–why pay full price when you can pick out up to $125 worth of products and pay just $99 (and get free shipping!)

The discount!  It’s like having a coupon every time you shop from yourself.  Enjoy a 20-25% discount on all your Stampin’ Up! purchases!

Get all my online stamping classes for FREE!   These sell for $20.00 each and you get them all–FREE.  You will have access online to all of the Online Class Tutorials and YouTube videos on a private page on my blog.

Step-by-step tutorials for many different stamp sets shared with Stamping Friends Forever Team on our Team Facebook Page.  If you like easy to follow instructions, or several different cards with each stamp set–you got it!

Stamping Friends Forever Demonstrator only Facebook Group.  Enjoy monthly stamping challenges, sketches, color combinations, mystery stamping events, virtual parties, and more!  A great place to meet new stamping friends and to be inspired!

Experience that counts!  I have been a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator since 1997 that’s over 22 years and can help you achieve whatever you are looking for as a demonstrator.  Whether you join just for the fun and inspiration (& discount), or you are looking to build a part-time or full-time business, I can help you!  Stampin’ Up! is my full-time job and my main focus is helping my demonstrator team!

Q. What is the quarterly minimum?

A. The minimum requirement is $300 per Quarter.  The Quarters are January – March, April – June, July – September, October – December.

When you join SU, you are already within a calendar quarter, so Stampin’ Up! allows you that first part quarter as a ‘grace’ period. A sort of settling in period for you to find your feet. So therefore, your first quarterly minimums don’t need to be met until the one after. For example, I joined in August, but I had all the way through until the end of December to meet my minimums, and anything I bought/sold during August also counted.

Q. What happens if I don’t meet my minimums?

A. You will be given an extra month to try and achieve them, but if you don’t, you are not required to return anything to SU, you aren’t obliged to do anything more, and aren’t tied in to anything. You will simply go into an ‘inactive’ state, and no longer be able to sell or buy at the 20% discount. However, should you want to rejoin, you can join the same upline immediately by buying a fresh starter kit. But should you wish to go to another upline, you must wait 90 days.

Q. Do my personal purchases count towards the quarterly minimums?

Yes! SU doesn’t mind who does the buying, whether it’s you, your neighbor, or someone else. They will just look at your total figures.

Q. How do I get the discount, and how do I earn commission?

As a demonstrator, you get the immediate 20% discount off the net price at the point you make your purchase through the dedicated demonstrator website. SU does all the calculations for you!  If you are selling to someone you receive the same 20% but as a commission rather than a discount.

Q. Can I earn more than 20%?

Yes, from your own personal sales, you can earn up to an extra 15% commission based on your total monthly sales/purchases.

And if you have a team, there’s extra earning potential there too.

Q. I only want to buy products for myself. Is that okay?

Of course! I welcome all people to my team, whether they want to make a business, or get a discount for their own hobby, or anything in between. I appreciate all my team equally, and give as much support as I’m asked for, and as much guidance as needed.

Q. I think I might want to make this a business in the future, but at this stage, I just want to buy a few things for me, is it okay to change my mind as to what demo I want to be at a later date?

Yes! Every person who signs with SU and with my team joins up equally. We are all called demonstrators, even those who don’t actively demonstrate. However, you choose to enjoy your SU benefits is up to you, and should you head down one ‘path’ and want to move in another direction, then I will fully support you along the way.

Q. Can I read the terms and agreement before I sign up?

Yes, and I recommend that everyone does. You can find that HERE

Q. Do I have to have a blog?

No! Having a blog is beneficial, but not essential. You can have a successful business without any online interaction whatsoever. Blogs and social networking are still only a few years old, yet Stampin’ Up! is 25 years old…

Q. Do I have to do what you do?

A – Nope!  When you join you are an Independent Demonstrator and can run your business however you want. There are guidelines with Stampin’ Up! Such as not opening a storefront etc. and you must abide by their guidelines.

You may still be asking why you should join and I answer WHY NOT?  If you love Stampin’ Up! products and plan on purchasing more than $99 worth in the coming months, there is absolutely no good reason to say NO to this amazing deal!  It’s all about being a wise shopper!  Why not get a discount, have access to a ton of stamping inspiration & ideas, chance to make new stamping friends, and so much more!!!

If I have not answered all of your questions I am happy to chat with you on the phone to answer them directly!

I am part of a team of leaders called Creativate and together we bring our teams MORE!  More Ideas, more information!

Sharon Armstrong, Jackie Bolhuis, Connie Stewart, Lisa Curcio, Brandy Cox

Let me introduce you to the CREATIVATE TEAM….and why this is another reason people join Stampin’ Up! and Stamping Friends Forever

These are 4 of my closest personal and stamping friends.  All of us are long-term, top demonstrators in the company.  Together, we are a wealth of knowledge and support.  We have teamed up together to help and support not only each other, but all of our teams of demonstrators.  If you are looking for training & support as a demonstrator, we have it!  We work together to provide training, stamping ideas, challenges, and more–ALL FOR FREE!

Over the past few years we have built a huge library of training videos covering everything from adhesives/ink pads to how to do classes, workshops, stamp camps, bingo nights, and more.  (and everything in between) Together we are able to provide all the training and information you need to be successful–whether you are a HOBBY DEMONSTRATOR or are wanting to make a little (or a lot) of money!  We are ALL here to help you!

NEW THIS YEAR–we will be combining our efforts to provide twice monthly LIVE training via a joint Facebook group!  We will be sharing creative and business training and tips!  As a member of the Stamping Friends Forever team you will have access to all of these live trainings (or watch later via recorded video)

Be the first to receive the new  Annual Catalog and be able to order from it a month early–at a discount!

There is absolutely no obligation, pressure or commitment!  Being a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator is all about what YOU want it to be! Join just for the fun and discount, or to make a little money–the choice is completely yours!  Yes, you have a quarterly minimum of $300.  But, if you find this isn’t for you the Stampin’ Up! Police do not take back your Starter Kit!

WHY NOT?  If you love Stampin’ Up! products and plan on purchasing more than $99 worth in the coming months, there is absolutely no good reason to say NO to this amazing deal!  It’s all about being a SMART SHOPPER!  Why not get a discount, have access to a ton of stamping inspiration & ideas, chance to make new stamping friends, and so much more!


I would love the opportunity to chat with you and answer all your questions and help you decide if this is right for you.  Email or call me anytime.  Email:  Cell 214-403-6936



You are invited to email me with questions!

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