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I have been a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator since 1997!  And have been blessed because of it!  Here is my story and while it is long I hope you are blessed by reading it!
I was first introduced to Stampin’ Up! when my four-year-old daughter destroyed a bookmark that her sister made while spending the night a friend’s house.  After contacting the mom to find out where she got the stamps to create the bookmark she invited me and my kids over to make another one!  When I walked into her craft room I thought I was in a store!  She was an avid stamper and invited me to a party coming up.  But she said we are leaving for vacation do you feel comfortable going alone?  I said yes!  When I arrived at the party the host did not get the message that I was coming but invited me in any way!  That is where I met my Upline.  When I saw her add a button to a card I flipped out!
I immediately was hooked.  I started sharing cards with my friends and family and they wanted to get in on cardmaking too!  From there I started building a team of Stamping Friends.  I named my team Stamping Friends Forever because I feel like even if they leave my team we are friends forever thanks to a rubber stamp. And my business took off by finding new team members and new stamping friends who wanted to gather and make cards and buy the products I shared with them through classes and workshops.
In 2003 I learned that I had breast cancer.  At the time my husband was out of work and we had no insurance.  What about my family?  My Stamp business?  How was I going to get the medical help I needed?  How were we going to pay our bills if I could not work my Stampin’ Up! business?  Friends rallied in so many ways!
I learned about an organization called the Bridge Breast Network in Dallas, Texas that paid for all of my treatments for Breast Cancer.  I am forever grateful for their help!
My Stamping Friends Forever Team rallied and held fundraising events.  They raffled off baskets and gave my family the money.  It just so happened that the amount they gave me covered all of my utility bills that month!  So many happy tears shed during this very hard time.  You see it isn’t about me selling Stampin’ Up! products it is being part of a community that comes together when there is a need.
And my customers called to tell me not to worry about holding classes they were going to place orders on my website so that I would not miss a paycheck.  They just wanted me to focus on getting well.  As a result, I never missed a paycheck!
My story hit another low when we lost everything in a house fire in 2008.  The fire actually started with an electric panel in my craft studio.  As I watched the fireman put out the fire one of my customers came by to pick up her order.  Obviously it was destroyed with everything else.  She hugged me and said she would see me soon.  She went home and gathered stamps, ink, and cardstock and brought it back to me.  She said I don’t want you to ever stop doing what you love.  More tears shed as we hugged on that dreadful day.  You see Carolyn is a stamping friend forever and I will never forget her encouragement that day.
As we moved forward rebuilding our lives more Stamping Friends Forever came forward and brought more things for us.  We rented a small house four days after the fire and friends and strangers showed up with furniture, food, clothes and the best coffee pot I had ever had!  That was on a Tuesday and by the end of that day, we had two couches, three beds, two refrigerators that were stocked with food and so much love filling our hearts!
Several days later my friend Christie called me and told me not to worry about my stamping supplies because help was coming.  I was still in such a fog I had no idea what she was even talking about.  In the meantime, I took a job outside the home to help our family get back on our feet.  While at work one day my husband called and said that he just helped the UPS driver unload his whole truck at our house.  I asked did his truck break down?  He said no, everything is for you from Stampin’ Up!  I promised him that I had not ordered anything because I knew we didn’t have the money!
When I got home I was shocked!  Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators all over the United States had formed an online database group called SUDDEN (Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators in Need) and pledged to send me supplies.  Y’all it literally was Christmas time when I received these gifts of love!
While I could go on and on about the many things Stampin’ Up! has brought me such as amazing trips that I would never have dreamed of going on, wonderful friends all over the world, but mostly those who have supported me in hard times and good times.  
I have been married to my husband Mark for 41 years and we have been blessed with five children who all married plus nine grandchildren and one more on the way!
I built my business in Texas and moved to Arizona in 2014 with my husband Mark.  He was offered a job here and as hard as it was to leave my family and friends in Texas we packed up and moved to Sierra Vista, AZ
We love the views here with mountains all around us!
I have transitioned to more of an online presence instead of stamping with friends in my home, 
but I am open to doing that too!
As a demonstrator, I have been fortunate 
to meet many crafter’s who simply love to create.
I am addicted to Pinterest!
I am the Queen of boo-boos!  
I can help you “fix” your crafting mistakes 
because I have made them myself!
I would consider it an honor to help you in any way I can!  

Sharon Armstrong
Stampin’ Up! Independent Demonstrator, Gold Elite
Founders Circle 8 years
Received the Heart of Stampin’ Up! award 2014
Served on the prestigious Advisory Board 2010-2011

No matter where you live, I can support your craft needs long distance!

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