As the end of the year approaches I thought it would be fun to look back on some of my top videos!  Ones that you have enjoyed which encourages me to continue making videos!

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These videos are in order of most viewed!

Evolution of my videos

Some of these videos are from a long time ago when I was first learning to do videos!  I feel I have come a long way since I started in 2014!  I’ve changed my setup and lighting as well as how I teach what I love!

YouTube is a great way to teach stamping and a great resource for all of us.  I’ve loved reading people’s comments on my video tutorials!  When I read those I feel like I am chatting with my friends!  Making videos and working from home sometimes gets lonely but your comments feels like I am right there with y’all!

My New Hobby

I attended an Acrylic Pour Class recently and was hooked immediately!  I was amazed that the instructor poured a bunch of pain in a cup and they didn’t mix and turn muddy.  I learned that she added other things to the paint like Floetrol and Silicone.  I came home and jumped on YouTube to find videos and was overwhelmed!

First time I’ve attended a paint party class and was anxious to hand my artwork!  And of course I set out to buy all the supplies to make more of these at home.  Starting a new hobby can be expensive just like a stamping hobby may seem.  But I learned that once I invest in the supplies I can make many pictures.

Reminded me of when I buy a stamp set I can use it for many cards! 


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