Celebrating my 21st Anniversary with Stampin’ Up! Wow!  Sometimes it seems like yesterday that I became a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator!  Yet when I look back on all of the friends I have made the trips that I have earned and the places I’ve traveled I realize it’s been 21 years, August 25, 1997!  Never dreaming I would be where I am today simply because I purchased the Starter Kit.

Celebrating my 21st Anniversary with Stampin' Up!

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Celebrating my 21st Anniversary with Stampin’ Up! How it all began

I have five children and the youngest one was 4 years old.  Also, I worked a full time job so I was busy!  Yet I was hooked after learning about rubber stamps!  One of my daughters who was 8 at the time spent the night with a friend.  They stamped bookmarks using the stamps her friends mom had.  She was so proud of it when she brought it home!  Then her 4 year old sister ripped it!

After the tears subsided I called the mom and asked where did she get the stamps because we needed to make another bookmark!  She invited my kids over to stamp more bookmarks and when I walked into her craft room my jaw dropped!  Do you sell stamps I asked?  No, I just buy them from home parties.  As a matter of fact there is a party next week do you want to go?

Celebrating my 21st Anniversary with Stampin' Up!

How it all began

When I attended the workshop (party) I had so much fun and decided to join right away.  The demonstrator used markers and colored on this stamp set called Bold Blossoms and I was hooked!   I thought this would be a great way to craft with my kids and take us out of the crayon stage into a stage I would enjoy!

After my starter kit arrived (back then it cost me $300 and was not customizable) I invited friends over to just stamp and play with me and my new hobby.  When they started asking me how they could get these stamps and could they book a party with me I was shocked.  Of course I said yes and that launched my career!

Learning how to teach others how to use our products and how to be more creative myself helped me grow as a person.  My children grew ups with Stampin’ Up! friends in our home and knew that I worked hard to help bring in income for the family.  I’ve put braces on kids teeth and helped with household finances when my husband was out of work.

Celebrating my 21st Anniversary with Stampin' Up!

Love of Stampin’ Up! friends

November 2002 I learned I had breast cancer.  My husband was out of work and we had no insurance.  Since I knew I would be having surgeries and chemo I didn’t even know how I would be able to do home parties to help earn income.  And then the love of Stamping Friends came out from everywhere!  My sweet customers all told me not to worry, they would place orders thru me whether I had parties or not.  And my downline rallied to hold craft events where they raffled off baskets of goodies and gave me the cash from the event and raffle.  If you can imagine how very touched and grateful I was then!

Celebrating my 21st Anniversary with Stampin' Up!

Then in November 2008 tragedy struck our family again.  We had a house fire and lost everything.  Our family was safe but we had nothing.  A fellow demonstrator contacted me and she said help is on the way.  A group of Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators called SUDDEN started sending me Stampin’ Up! supplies!  While I was at work one day and my husband called and said the UPS driver pretty much emptied his truck at our house.  Confused because I had not ordered anything.  Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators from all over sent me supplies so that I could continue with my business!

I joined the SUDDEN Network to help give back.  Last year this organization celebrated 9 years and I did a quick video telling my story.

My Story isn’t over

Rubber stamps brought me so many friends that I never would have met!  I honestly can’t imagine life without Stampin’ Up!  I’ve traveled to Fiji, Alaska, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Hawaii and will be heading to Greece next summer!  While this post is a little long I still have not scratched the surface of all that I have experienced as a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.

Thank you for stopping by today and hearing a little of my story.  My wish for you is to go for your dreams and enjoy the ride along the way like I have!  I invite you to join Stampin’ Up! however you would like to.  You do not have to write blog posts, sell products or do anything that you don’t want to do.  Most simply enjoy the discount they receive every time they place an order!  Contact me with any questions you may have by clicking the Contact Me Tab above!






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