Five things to know about Stamparatus allows you to get the stamped image exactly where you want them.  Didn’t get enough ink on your image?  No worries!  Simply re-ink and stamp again!

Five things to know about Stamparatus

I shared a post on Hinge Stamping if you missed it you can click on the thumbnail below:

Five things to know about Stamparatus:

  1. Comes with VERY STRONG magnets!  Keep them away from each other!
  2. Has two plates to give you four stamping sides for two or three step stamps, can be used for Hinge Stamping
  3. Can be used with Photopolymer or Clear Mount Stamps
  4. Perfect for stamping multiple cards for lots of birthdays or Christmas cards
  5. Care of Stamparatus – clean with Stampin’ Mist or Baby Wipes.  Do not use harsh chemicals or alcohol.

When you are done using the Stamparatus place the magnets on the back in their storage places.

Remove the plates and stack them on top of each other.  Don’t store with plates in the hinges as they will not close and you could break them.

Since Stampin’ Up! is now shipping the Stamparatus for those who reserved one I want to make sure you see all of the videos that they have released in one place.  This blog post will be an great resource for you when you receive yours.  Plus, I will be making several more myself.  

When you go to remove the stamps they will have ink on them.  To avoid getting your fingers “inky” you need to clean them before removing them.  If you use baby wipes you may see some lint on them.  I simply take them to my Stampin’ Scrub to clean that off.  

Hopefully, Stampin’ Up! will come out with an absorber type cloth to make the cleaning easier.  For now I ordered on one on Amazon to assist me cleaning my stamps.  Here is what I ordered:

However, when Stampin’ Up! releases one I am sure I will purchase that one since I will be assured it is designed for our Stamparatus!

Here are more video from Stampin’ Up! for the Stamparatus:




If you missed out on the reservation of your Stamparatus don’t worry!  Stampin’ Up! will be selling it in the new 2018-2019 Annual Catalog starting June 1, 2018!

Happy Stamping Y’all!










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