Nothing Better Than Me Seeing Family as I make my way from Arizona thru Texas, onto Charlotte NC and now in Charleston SC!

As I mentioned last week my blog posts will be about my adventures on my trip.

On Saturday our daughter gets married!  That is why we are in Charleston!  I loved meeting her fiancé’s family yesterday!

My heart is full as my family continues to grow!  I will post wedding pictures for you to see!

Adventures in Texas

Visiting with my family and grandkids at Top Golf

I am the luckiest Mimi ever!  I have 9 grandkids (so far)!!!  My five kids have blessed me with the best!  My youngest is 9 months old and my oldest is 18!  That means I became a Mimi when I was like 18 right?  LOL!

Adventures in Charlotte NC

We arrived on Monday to visit with my sister in law and her two “pups”. One weighs 160 the other weighs 140!  I love how sweet they are!

This is my handicapped 67 year old brother.  We visited him in the nursing home and he got a kick out of doing a “selfie”!  He truly is amazing.  His mind is sharp as a tack!  His body has not been good to him but I teared up as he recalled schools I went to in elementary and our home addresses.  I couldn’t even remember things until he mentioned them.  It was very heartwarming for me!


This morning we went to eat at an amazing place called Sea Biscuit Cafe!  We all ordered the Crabcakes Eggs Benedict!  OMG!  So good!

We are off to hang out with the rest of the family that is already here as we wait for more to arrive.  By tomorrow everyone should be her to celebrate with Whitney and Tyler as they become husband and wife.

Stay tuned for more photos of my family and our adventures!







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