Really been struggling lately for several reasons.  And while normally I don’t share any negative topics very much I feel the need to blog about it today.  My first struggles started on May 17th when I decided to switch from a PC to a Mac.  I went to Best Buy and purchased it, brought it home and set it up.  Right away I started getting a message that my hard drive was full.  There wasn’t anything on it yet!  I called Apple and they agreed it was impossible.  The advisors with Apple are truly amazing.  Very professional!  

But after four phone calls and many hours spent I decided yesterday to pack it up and return it.  The good news is that we have a Gold Standing with Best Buy (not sure that is a good thing knowing we have spent that much money with them!) but we had a 30 day return option because of that!  Normally with Apple you only have 15 days.  I opted to upgrade from the original one I purchased and I will say that setting up my new MacBook Pro has been a breeze so far so good!

The other reason for my struggles is more personal.  I have three brothers, one in Texas and two in North Carolina.  I received word that my two brothers in North Carolina were not doing well.  Shortly after that my oldest brother Jim passed away.  My brother Jack who is handicapped was in ICU.  Was I going to lose two brothers so close together?  

So my brother from Texas and I flew to North Carolina for the funeral and to visit my brother in the hospital.  Who by the time we arrived was out of ICU and in a regular room!  He was not expected to live and he beat the odds!  Actually he wasn’t supposed to live past the age of 10 years old.  In December he will be 67 years old!  We asked him if we could take a picture and he said yes, watch. He stuck his tongue out when the snapped the picture!

The trip was very emotional but I am so grateful that I was able to go.  Helps the healing process when the family can be together when you lose a loved one.  We laughed and we cried.  And yes we had wine!

My brother’s favorite plant is a blue Hydrangea.  When I got home I bought one to plant in my yard to think of him every time I see it.

All of this has made me fall behind on my planned things to blog.  And getting my cards made for my June classes.  I hate that I feel I let people down who are looking for the things I told them I would post.  

Like today is Thursday and this is my Technique Thursday and I don’t have it done.  I did however get my cards designed and made for my June classes so I feel better about that.

I know that it isn’t the end of the world that I don’t have everything done.  I know that people understand.  I am grateful that I have a flexible enough business and don’t have to report to a boss!!

I hope to get caught up soon and I appreciate you reading my thoughts today.


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