This article was from Stampin’ Up website, but it reminded me of the class I am taking on Feb. 9th!

Wondering what to take up for hobby week? What about photography?

With the prices of cameras going down
and the quality going up, more people than ever are snapping photos. And
they are getting easier to take with better results.
think—in five years or so, when you look back at your amazing
photographs, you won’t miss the relatively small amount of money you
invested to create such great memories.
Here are a few things I recommend to get you started: number one is a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera. They are worth every penny, take photos fast, and have amazing quality.
If you don’t want to lug a DSLR camera around, the next size down is a micro four thirds digital camera.
Most of them are small enough to put in your purse or jacket pocket.
And the quality is still much higher than the average camera.
also want to invest in a tripod. They are perfect for setting up
landscape photos or for taking shots of your group. I would purchase the
smallest, strongest tripod that you can afford.
There are so
many ways to share your photos, including Facebook, blogs, and
Instagram. You might also want to participate in online photo challenges
. . . just to get your creative juices flowing! I recommend Fat Mum Slim (#FMSphotoaday).
Remember, it’s almost certain that you will never look back and think: I took too many photos!
Here are a few from my last trip to southern Utah. Enjoy!

Casey H.
Photography Manager

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